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Benevolent Botanical Greetings!


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 Every card comes with a full 2 cups of a botanical blend, the same Herbs and Flowers used in your card's message! Choose from Happy Birthday, Thank You, Thinking of You or In Sympathy. Don't see what you want? Contact me and request a custom order for no additional charge.

Happy Birthday

Wishing you Lavender for happiness,
Yarrow to enjoy good health,
Globe Amaranth for everlasting love,
Angel Wings to surround with Divine blessings,
Bay Laurel for perfect peace,
Rosemary for cherished friendships,
Calendula so your joy may be full
And Oranges for abundant smiles.

Happy Birthday with Roses for love.

Thank You

~~~Thank you for thinking of me (Cedar). Your thoughtfulness touched my heart (Wormwood) and gave me much happiness (Oregano). May your love (Globe Amaranth, Rose) and kindness (Queen Anne’s Lace) return to you ten-fold (Angel Wings).

You are the Best! (Apple)~~~

Thinking of You

~~~Thinking of you (Cedar) reminds me (Rosemary) of the fun (Parsley), the joy (Calendula), the times we’ve shared together (Chives). Hoping (Angel Wings) your day is filled with love (Rose, Cinnamon) and smiles (Orange).

Be Happy! (Lavender)~~~


~~~I was sincerely sorry (Sweet Cicely) to hear of the loss (Wormwood) of your loved one (Rose, Globe Amaranth). May you find comfort (Ladies Mantle), peace (Bay Laurel) and perhaps a smile (Peony) in gentle (Hibiscus Pods) memories (Rosemary).

My thoughts and prayers are with you.~~~

You get to choose the artwork on the front of the card! Choose from "Sunny Side Up", "Peeking Blossom" or "Flutterby". The art is by award winning photographer

Grace Dillon.

The Sunflower- "Sunny Side Up" is the most popular card art, loved by both men and women. The pink Lotus  "Peeking Blossom" is the next popular choice. The butterfly card "Flutter By" is the number one choice for Sympathy card.

Included with every card is a 6x9 inch organza bag for your recipient to pour the botanical blend in if they wish and a gift bag with a great gift tag that you can fill in names by the 'To~' and 'From~'. You also get a sheet of tissue paper to wrap everything in before slipping it into the gift bag!