Herb/Flower~ Genus_latin epithet- Translation


Almond~ Prunus dulcis  -hope, lover's charm

Anemone~ Anemone spp.- anticipation, luck, faith, expectation

Angel Wings~ Oroxylum indicum - blessings, divine blessing (angel is from the Greek "angelos" meaning `messenger')

Apple~ Malus spp. - good fortune, better things to come, preference

Asparagus~ Asparagus officinalis -fascination, prosperity, heaven

Aster~ Aster novi-belgii- love, (Aster - Greek= ‘star’)


Balsam Fir~ Abies balsamea- ardent love, (Fir- time, Pine- hope)

Basil~ Ocimum basilicum- love, good luck, (Greek- basileus = `king')

Bay Laurel~ Laurus nobilis- peace, quiet, victory, prosperity

Bee Balm~ Monarda spp.- sweet victories, compassion

Betony~ Stachys officinalis- clarity of mind

Black Eyed Susan~ Rudbeckia spp.- strength, encouragement, haven

Blackthorn aka Sloe Plum~ Prunus spinosa -hope, joy, brings hope

Bleeding Heart~ Dicentra spp. -grace, fidelity

Blueberry~ Vaccinium spp.- prayer, protection, security

Burdock~ Arctium spp. - persistence, an insistent or pressing demand, importunity

Buttercup~ Ranunculus spp. - charming, cheerfulness, memories of childhood (Ranunculus is Latin for "little frog")


Calendula~ Calendula officinalis- health, joy, remembrance

Carnation~ Dianthus spp. - fascination, admiration

Catnip~ Nepeta cataria - intoxicated with love

Cedar~ Cedrus spp.- ‘I live but for thee’, think of me

Chamomile~ Matricaria spp.- comfort, patience

Chicory~ Cichorium intybus- frugality

Chive (Alliums) ~ Allium schoenoprasum - unity, patience

Chrysanthemum~ Chrysanthemum spp.- cheerfulness, friendship, loveliness, abundance, joy

Cinnamon~ Cinnamomum spp. - love, beauty, stirs passion

Clover, Four Leaf~ Trifolium repens - good luck

Clover, Red~ Trifolium pratense -industry

Clover, WhiteTrifolium repens  -think of me

Cloves~ Syzygium aromaticum - warmth, festivity, strength (nails)

Clove Pink~ Dianthus caryophyllus - symbol of a Mother’s love

Coconut~ Cocos nucifera ~prosperity, good luck

Coltsfoot~ Tussilago farfara ~a Mother's care, take care of yourself for me, justice shall be done for you
Columbine~ Aquilegia spp. -gifts of the Holy Spirit

Coreopsis~ Coreopsis spp.- always cheerful

Coriander aka Cilantro~ Coriandrum sativum ~concealed merit
Corn or Maize~ Zea mays - abundance, plenty, wealth

Cotton~ Gossypium spp.~ abundance, wealth, simplicity

Cranberry~ Vaccinium spp. -cure for heartache

Crocus~ Crocus spp. - cheerfulness, pleasures of hope, youthful gladness


Daffodil~ Narcissus spp.- new beginnings

Dame's Rocket~ Hesperis matronalis - watchfulness

Dandelion~ Taraxacum spp.- wishes come true

Delphinium~ Delphinium spp. - big-hearted fun, sweetness, well being

Dill~ Anethum graveolens - tranquility

Daisy, Oxeye Daisy~Leucanthemum vulgare- loyal love, cheerfulness, a token of affection

Dyer’s Chamomile~ Anthemis tinctoria- energy in action, (Daisy-like flowers- loyal love)


Elderberry~ Sambucus spp.- kindness, compassion, zeal

Evening Primrose~ Oenothera biennis- memories, eternal love


Fern~ various -fascination, confidence

Forget Me Not~ Myosotis spp. - memories, true love (Myosotis is Latin for "mouse ear")

Forsythia~ Forsythia spp. -good nature, anticipation

Foxglove~ Digitalis spp. ~a wish

Fuchsia~ Fuchsia spp. - confiding love, taste


Gardenia~ Gardenia jasminoides- you're lovely, secret love

Garlic~ Allium spp.- unity, protection, strength, good luck, courage

Ginger~ Zingiber officinale -strength

Gladiolus~ Gladiolus spp. - strength of character (from Latin gladius meaning "a sword")

Globe Amaranth~ Gomphrena globosa - unfading love

Goldenrod~ Solidago spp. - (Solidago- Latin= ‘to make whole’) encouragement, good fortune

Gooseneck Loosestrife~ Lysimachia clethroides- forgiveness, wishes granted

Grape~ Vitis spp. -prosperity, happiness


Hibiscus Blossoms and Pods~ Hibiscus spp. - gentle, symbol of royalty, delicate beauty

Holly~ Ilex spp. - good will

Honesty, aka Silver Dollar Plant~ Lunaria annua - sincerity, honesty

Hosta~ Hosta spp. -devotion

Hyacinth~ Hyacinthus spp. -kindliness,usefulness, games

Hydrangea~ Hydrangea spp. - devotion, ‘thank you for understanding’, remembrance


Iris~ Iris spp. –faith, cherished friendship, hope  (Iris - Greek= rainbow)


Jasmine~ Jasminum spp. - amiable, grace, nobility, divine hope

Juniper~ Juniperus spp. - protection, safe haven


Kalanchoe~ Kalanchoe spp. - popularity


Ladies Mantle~ Alchemilla spp. - comfort, protection

Lamb's Ear~ Stachys byzantina- surprise, support, `I'm here for you', softness

Lavender~ Lavandula spp. - happiness, devotion, luck

Lemon Balm~ Melissa officinalis - healing, long life, cheer, sympathy

Lilac~ Syringa vulgaris- love, beauty, acceptance, sweetness

Lily~ Lilium spp. - majesty, “it’s heavenly to be with you”

Lily, Calla~ Zantedeschia spp. ~beauty

Lotus~ Nelumbo spp. - transformation, perfection

Lovage~ Levisticum officinale - strength

Love in a Mist~ Nigella spp. - you puzzle me


Mallow~ Malva spp.- beneficence, act of kindness

Marijuana aka Hemp~ Cannabis spp. -fate

Milkweed~ Asclepias spp. - healing (Asclepias or ‘Aesculapius’ was the Greek god of medicine)

Mint~ Mentha spp. - virtue

Misletoe~ Phoradendron flavescens,Viscum album- peace, love, fertility

Monkshood~ Aconitum spp.- chivalry, used in fighting werewolves

Morning Glory~ Convolvulaceae family - affection, the evanescent loveliness of life

Mulberry~ Morus spp. ~wisdom,kindness

Mullein~ Verbascum thapsus- good nature

Mushroom~ various fungi - eccentricity, peculiarity, unexpected situations, immortality

Mustard, seed~ Brassica spp.- faith


Nasturtium~ Nasturtium spp. - bravery, patriotism


Obedient Plant~ Physostegia virginiana - bravery

Orange~ Citrus spp. - fruitfulness, ‘for abundant smiles’

Orchid~ Orchidaceae genera - love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness

Oregano~ Origanum vulgare- happiness


Pansy~ Viola spp. -thoughts

Parsley~ Petroselinum crispum- festivity, ‘to banish misfortune’

Patchouli~ Pogostemon cablin - enhances romantic mood

Peach~ Prunus persica ~generosity, longevity

Pear~ Pyrus spp. - affection

Peony~ Paeonia spp. - healing, return of happiness (In Greek mythology Paeon was ‘physician to the gods’), beauty, welcome

Peppermint~ Mentha x piperita- cordiality, `warm and sincere'

Periwinkle~ Vinca minor - friendship, conjugal love, peace (Vinca- Latin vincere= `to overcome')

Petunia~ Petunia spp. -peaceful companion, your presence is soothing

Phlox~ Phlox spp.- `our souls are united' (Greek meaning "flame")

Pine~ Pinus spp.- hope, loyalty, warm friendship

Plum~ Prunus spp. - courage, perseverance, happiness, marriage longevity, `keep your promises'

Poinsettia~ Euphorbia pulcherrima - good cheer, success

Potato~ Solanum tuberosum - benevolence

Purple Coneflower~ Echinacea purpurea - health, strength

Pussy Willow~ Salix spp.- symbol of a mother's love, friendship


Queen Anne's Lace~ Daucus carota- grace in bloom

Quince~ Cydonia oblonga - cheers my soul


Raspberry~ Rubus spp.- kindness, fruition

Rhubarb~ Rheum rhabarbarum - advice

Rose~ Rosa spp. - love

 red ~true love~
  pink ~grace~
  dark pink ~gratitude~...
  light pink ~desire, passion, joy of life~
  yellow ~friendship, undying love~
  burgundy ~unconscious beauty~
  coral or orange ~desire, passion~
  blue ~mystery, attaining the impossible~
  white ~innocence, virtue, purity, secrecy~
  black ~rejuvenation or rebirth~
  lavender (violet) ~love at first sight~
  red and white together ~united~
  thornless ~love at first sight~

Rose Geranium~ Pelargonium graveolens- preference, comfort, `to lift the spirit'

Rosemary~ Rosmarinus officinalis - remembrance, friendship

Rue~ Ruta graveolens- grace


Sage~ Salvia officinalis - wisdom, great respect, blissful marriage

Sandalwood~ Santalum spp.- healing, spiritual awareness

St. John's Wort~ Hypericum spp. -superstition

Savory~ Satureja spp. -success, boldness, spice, interest

Sedum~ Hylotelephium spectabile (formerly Sedum spectabile) - ‘hospitality’, ‘warm welcome’

Snowdrop~ Galanthus spp. - hope (Greek gála "milk", ánthos "flower")

Southernwood~ Artemisia abrotanum - romance, bantering jest

Spearmint~ Mentha spicata - warmth of sentiment

Spirea~ Spirea spp.- victory

Strawberry~ Fragaria spp. - perfect goodness

Sunflower~ Helianthus spp. - happiness, adoration, ‘God’s smile’

Sweet Cicely~ Myrrhis odorata - gladness, sincerity, hidden worth

Sweet Pea~ Lathyrus spp.- lasting pleasure, blissful pleasure, goodbye, adieu and thank you 

Sweet Woodruff~ Galium odoratum - faithful and true, `be cheerful and rejoice in life'


Tansy~ Tanacetum vulgare - life everlasting

Thistle~ Asteraceae genera- nobility of character

Thyme~ Thymus spp. - happiness, courage

Tomato~ Solanum lycopersicum -happiness, good health

Tulip~ Tulipa spp. - perfect love

 Red ~ardent love~...
  Yellow ~cheerful~
  Purple ~royalty~
  White ~forgiveness, thoughts~
  Pink ~good wishes, I care~
  Variegated ~beautiful eyes~
  Orange ~happiness, enthusiasm~
  Cream ~I'll love you forever~


Valerian~ Valeriana officinalis -accommodating disposition

Violet~ Viola spp.- faithfulness, modesty

Virginia Creeper~ Parthenocissus quinquefolia -I offer you, ever changing, I cling to you


Wheat~ Triticum spp. - prosperity, Swedish symbol of peace

Wild Geranium~ Geranium maculatum- true friend

Wisteria~ Wisteria spp. - welcome

Wood Sorrel~ Oxalis spp. - joy, maternal tenderness

Wormwood~ Artemisia absinthium - comfort of heart, `do not be discouraged’, absence



Yarrow~ Achillea spp. - comfort, health, cure for heartache


Zinnia~ Zinnia spp. - thoughts of absent friends, in memory of an absent friend

Zucchini~ Cucurbita pepo -abundant growth, resolved to win